Driven creative professional with 20+ years of experience as a creative director, project manager, and poker player. Excels in graphic design, photography, videography, and video animation. Seeking to leverage key skills to progress career.

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My Experience

HD Poker

2017 - 2022

Creative Director

• Manages creative team, projects, and timelines, ensuring that the design and production of all assets align with the strategic goals from start to finish.
• Monitor and contribute to social media accounts
• Engages directly with the CEO, serving as the liaison for the creative team to make recommendations to exceed the company’s vision and expectations.



Social Media Manager

• Generates creatives and designs in support of marketing campaigns and strategies for various platforms.


2021 - 2022

Motion Graphics & Social Media Design

• Manages marketing creatives, banners, and related art in support of social media and YouTube platforms.
• Engages with company management daily, collaborating on operational  goals and project timelines.


2021 - Present

Web Designer & Developer

• Directs design projects related to poker, marketing creatives, and the company’s NFT project
• Communicates with marketing teams to design ad creatives for the web and print.

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Nojan Dorson Creative Director Senior GFX Designer