Creative Director - Senior Graphic Designer

Photograph of DJ Ben Q

DJ SQ Photoshoot

DJ SQ in a professional photo studio equipped with top-tier gear. Shot with precision using the Nikon d800, with an AI-enhanced club environment background

HD Poker Merchandise Concept

Poker-inspired fashion concepts

Gaudin Porsche

HDR photography transforms the Porsche Macan against a stunning Las Vegas backdrop in a Photoshop masterpiece

Mr Dorson Poker Vlog

Poker journey unfolds in my personal vlog – where I film, edit, and embrace the poker grind

Run Good Poker Tracker

Mobile app design for players to effortlessly monitor their wins and losses, complete with essential features tailored for professional poker players.

Sean Perry Wins

Crafting a standout logo for the #1 sports bettor and professional poker player in the nation. Additionally, curating captivating social media content and other eye-catching design assets.


Online Poker Experience with Stunning Final Table Designs for Crypto/Casino Game Enthusiasts.


I collaborated with PokerNews, crafting engaging social media content and dynamic motion designs for their YouTube video series, capturing all the highlights from the World Series Of Poker.

HD Poker Loading Screen

HDPoker loading screen design featuring the Ibiza Poker Room and diverse in-game characters

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Nojan Dorson Creative Director Senior GFX Designer