Gaming Arts’ Animated Promos and Event Videos

As the creative director for HD Poker, I seamlessly transitioned into working alongside the dynamic team at Gaming Arts, located in the same building. Over the course of 7 years, I had the privilege of creating animated promo videos for their cutting-edge Slot Machine Cabinets and new game releases. Additionally, my role took me on thrilling adventures to capture the buzz and excitement of Bingo events, including unforgettable moments like Michael Dolan’s incredible win of 1 Million dollars in Gaming Arts’ Bingo Millions┬« jackpot. Through meticulous filming, animation, and editing, I brought the spirit of Gaming Arts to life, showcasing the thrill of gaming and the joy of winning.

Gaming Arts Global Gaming Expo 2019

$1,000,000 Bingo Millions Winner

Gaming Arts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony